Rainbow beachvolleyball tournament 2018

Date : June 9th 2018

WOENSDAG 6 juni sluit de inschrijving!!




English below

Het jaarlijkse beachvolleybal toernooi vindt plaats bij Beachclub People (Zuiderstrand 18, 2586 JK Den Haag). 

Het toernooi begint om 9.30 uur en zal rond 17.00 uur eindigen waarna er heerlijke BBQ plaatsvindt.

Ook dit jaar is het toernooi op dezelfde dag als het 'The Hague Rainbow Festival' (16.00 - 23.00uur) in het bruisende centrum van Den Haag.

De officiële afterparty (23.00 - 4.30uur) is in 'het Paard' klik HIER voor het programma

Vragen? mail rainbowbeachvolleyball@gmail.com




WEDNESDAY 6 June closes the registration !!


The beach volleyball tournament takes place at Beachclub People (Zuiderstrand 18, 2586 JK Den Haag).

Location : Zuiderstrand 18, 2586 JK Den Haag

Also this year the tournament will be organized on the same day as the The Hague Rainbow Pride Festival that takes place in the bustling center of The Hague.

The official afterparty (23.00 - 4.30 hours) is in 'het Paard' click HERE for the program

Questions? Mail rainbowbeachvolleyball@gmail.com















Please fill out this form to register for the tournament.

Note: Your registration will be final after we've received your payment.

Participating teams

Poule A 2x2
Team naam Inschrijving voltooid Beach Rootz
Mooi weer v Nijmegen
Sterren op het zand' v Den Haag
Agua de Xuca v Amsterdam
Schatjes v Tangissart
JAXX v Den Haag
FUEGO v Mechelen
Knabbel en Babbel   Voorschoten
Copacabana    Den Haag
Kiss my ace  v  Rotterdam
 De analias  v  Amsterdam
Poule B 2x2
Team name Registration completed Beach Rootz
Feligeo  v
Zand erover  v Utrecht
Mayday  v Tilburg
Red Cat  v Düsseldorf
Las Hijas del Sol  v Amsterdam
 Schipbreuk  v  Rijswijk


Poule B+ 3x3
Team name Registration completed Beach Roots
Bad boys  v  Den Haag
Lolitas   Amsterdam
Project Lady   Amsterdam
Oeoeoewoe   Delft
 Vlerk   v  Utrecht 


Poule B- 3x3
Team name Registration completed  Beach roots 
 HomoHelden  v  Rotterdam
 Chok-Dee    Rotterdam
 Beach elfes  v  Amsterdam 


C 4x4 
Team name Registration completed Beach roots 
 Las Piranjas Düsseldorf    Düsseldorf
 Netzo Hoera  v  Amsterdam




Terms and Conditons

As always, the Roze Blok promises to provide a weekend full of fun, sports, entertainment, good food, and friendships. To make sure the whole event remains fun for everybody, the following Terms & Conditions apply to participation:

  1. We guarantee that during the weekend, there will be lots of people with bright and sunny personalities. However, we cannot guarantee the same for the weather. In the event that the weather turns out to be not so ‘beach volleyball-friendly,’ we will try as much as possible to create an alternative program. Your registration fee however cannot be refunded in such an event.
  2. Organising an event like this (which the members of Roze Blok have been more than willing to do year after year just for you!) requires a lot of planning, effort, and money. Given this, we cannot permit teams to withdraw their registration, and have their registration fees refunded. (Why would anyone want to anyway?) There are, of course, exceptional circumstances wherein your team (or a member of your team) cannot make it. If this happens, please contact us, and let’s talk about it.
  3. We’re quite sure that the games will be fun, and competitive at the same time. We therefore hope that people come fit, and prepared for some serious beach action. In the unfortunate event that you get injured, Roze Blok cannot be held liable for this. We will of course make sure that you are taken care off by contacting the needed medical assistance.
  4. The number of participating teams in the tournament is limited. We therefore advice you to make your payment as soon as possible to guarantee your registration. Once the limit of teams has been reached, we will close the registration, and start a waiting list. Naturally, you can always join us for the beach party or come watch even if you don’t play during the day. Just contact us!
  5. In case we have too few and/or too many participating team in a specific level, we will take the liberty to increase the fun, and/or have as many people join the tournament within the maximum limit of teams by rearranging the teams over the levels.

And the most important condition of all during the weekend........ We expect all of you to have fun, and be gay to everybody!